Why Dating a Soldier is a Great Idea

Dating members of the military might seem like a bad idea for some but we’re here to convince you otherwise. People tend to draw conclusions based on stuff they’ve seen in movies or documentaries and this has nothing to do with reality. We think you already know what we’re talking about. Generalization and oversimplification have no place in any aspect of our lives. We also have to be honest and admit that dating someone who serves or has served in the army can have its drawbacks. However, they’re far less problematic than you might think they are.

For example, they might not be there for the holidays or you might not know where they are at certain times. And then there’s the constant worry. As they always say, no news is good news. We know that this seems bad but you have to look at the whole picture in order to fully understand what’s going on. People tend to focus only on the negatives and compare soldiers to others who have seemingly less dangerous jobs. Or who are always there for your family. They tend to forget that people who are not in the army have a huge set of other issues and problems they won’t run into when it comes to military men or women.

Just look at the whole infrastructure built around the army. We could go on and list healthcare, income and respect to further bolster this claim. And then look an average Joe and his prospects. And we haven’t even started to talk about stability, perhaps the best thing about dating a soldier. They’re dependable, stable and predictable which makes them perfect partner material. Physically fit, imposing and protective, they know how to carry themselves. They know what to do in difficult situations and more importantly how to adapt to new circumstances.

This also means that despite what people say they can easily learn a new skill or get a new job. They know how to learn things and this brings us back to the topic of stability. All employers want dependable workers who will be punctual and go about their daily duties with precision and commitment you don’t see that often. So far we have been focusing on the technical aspects of a relationship but we would also like to say that heart wants what the heart wants. And this is all we ask of you. Do not judge and listen to your heart. Hear what it has to say and then make up your mind.

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