Top First Date Ideas For Military Couples

So the time has finally come to meet in person for the first time and see if the chemistry works just as well in real life as it does online. Hopefully, you have met on one of the really good military dating sites, so you could chat to your heart’s content. That would mean that by now, you have covered most of the key topics and discovered each other’s likes and dislikes.

If you have already talked about where you want to meet, that is perfect, because it can help you make your first date truly memorable. If not, we have a couple of great first date ideas for military couples that can help you plan an unforgettable rendezvous.

Comedy & Fast Food For Good Mood

A fun movie and delicious comfort food can be a perfect first date combo. Go to the movies first so you can take time to get used to being physically close to each other. One or both of you may get nervous, which may make communication awkward or difficult. This way, you can take the pressure off and delay longer conversation for a bit, until you both get more comfortable.

A good comedy is a perfect choice since it gives you a chance to laugh together and elevate your mood. By no means should you choose a war drama or anything close to depressing, as it may bring about painful memories or just make you sad, which is not how you want to feel on the first date with someone you really like.

Once you are both relaxed and a bit hungry, we suggest you go to some comfortable, casual place, like your favorite diner or a fast food restaurant that has your date’s favorite food on the menu. We recommend casual instead of fancy, pricey restaurants simply because they make people feel more at ease and they do not make them feel self-conscious about their behavior, income or what they are wearing.

Sometimes, it is best to keep it simple, as it allows you to focus more on each other. This is an excellent first date idea for military couples of virtually all preferences, as it eliminates the built-up stress that is an integral part of military life and allows you both to just relax and have a good time, enjoying each other’s company.

A Fun Activity To Let The Sparks Fly

An exciting activity that involves some physical interaction is another awesome choice for a first date. The selection of activity heavily depends on your personal preferences, but what is important is that it is something you both would enjoy and that it is not overly competitive.

You can go dancing, swimming, play a game for two, go hiking or do whatever you both like and feel comfortable doing. In comparison to sitting at a table or at the movies, an activity gives you a chance to get physically closer but also talk at the same time. Plus, physical activities give military members an opportunity to show off their physical strength, which boosts their confidence and increases the chances of the date being a success.

As long as you choose an activity that suits both your and your partner’s preferences, you are sure to have a blast and further strengthen your relationship.

A Taste Of Living Together  

Military members often get homesick after being in a foreign country for too long. While the location of their home may change regularly, it is important for them to know they have a comfortable, familiar place to come back to. After all, it is a loving partner and family that make a house or an apartment a home.

If you and your date have already been chatting for a while and you are both interested in a long-term relationship, an ideal first date can be a lovely evening at home. If you are a good cook, you can prepare a scrumptious home-cooked meal or you can simply order something nice and focus on getting ready for the date.

Sharing a meal in a cozy environment, where you two can be alone and talk, laugh, and exchange affections is a perfect preview of what your future may look like. If all goes well, you can both be sure you have met someone special with whom you can be happy for a long time.

Closing Word

A feel-good movie and comfort food, a fun activity, and a pleasant evening at home are some of the best recipes for a successful first date with a member of the military. However, you can improvise as much as you like and adjust these scenarios to your unique preferences. What matters most is that you both feel comfortable and if you are right for each other, everything else will come naturally. We wish you the best of luck and hope your first date proves to be one of many happy events in what may develop into a loving, lasting relationship.

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