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Online dating is just as difficult as real-life dating. Some people even argue that’s even more difficult as you lose all non-verbal cues and basically destroy the natural courtship process that has developed over centuries and centuries. However, we must admit that a huge portion of dating is now almost exclusively online. And dating platforms are looking to be the most profitable they can be so they cater to the majority of the population. We say this as we here at Military Dating Expert are interested in helping you find your perfect military or army date. And that can be quite difficult using mainstream dating platforms.

This is why we comprised a list of all the Best Military Dating Sites. We also want to inform you that most of them are free! For example, Army Dating Service is free and that’s the biggest site in the world when it comes to army dating with over 100.000 members. So, once you join the site and create your profile, it’s time to check out who else is out there. And soon enough, we’re sure you’re going to find someone you like. Once you do that, you can either send a message or flirt. We recommend sending a flirt first and then seeing if that person is going to send a flirt back. If they do, the game is on. 

You should start your first message to someone you like on a dating site by telling them what you did prior to sending that message. And we’ll let you in on a secret, if you didn’t do anything today, you can say that as well. This first sentence can be like I just came back from the grocery store or bank, it’s hot/cold out there. Or you just finished your shift, something that’s more likely if you’re deployed overseas. As you can notice, now the other person has a whole slew of questions they can ask you. Maybe they just came back from shopping too or they also froze their asses outside.

The conversation now can flow freely and naturally, especially if you like each other so you want that to happen. Something that you might find out if you use the flirt feature as we already talked about in one of our previous articles. So, after telling that other person what you just did, you should introduce yourself. Do it semi-formally, almost half-jokingly keeping a positive and uplifting tone. That way you will show that other person that you not only have manners but also that you like to keep things clear. We all want a partner who’s going, to be honest with us and this is the start of building that type of relationship.

And it doesn’t matter if he/she already knows who you are because they looked at your profile. It’s good to keep things as similar to real life as they can be. The same goes for the next step where you should mention what you do. The final part of this segment is to tell something positive about the other person. Something that led you to message them in the first place. You can play it safe and say that you have a good feeling about them or that you like their smile or eyes. Keep it simple and not too precise or detailed. An example of a bad ending would be something like I zoomed in on your toes and I fell in love with them.

Finally, you should end with an almost open-ended question related to that person. It can be either a location, their job, how much time they have, or how long they’ve been members of this site. You get the picture. Something that prompts an easy answer that will keep the conversation going. Keep things simple and easy in these early stages of communication and you should be fine. As time goes on, you should open up more and more. After all, you don’t want to spend all that time and effort to finally realize that the other person doesn’t want the same thing you want. And if they do, you might even mention the toes thing and that can be your funny story of how you met.

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