Do Military Members Date Civilians?

Military members are greatly defined by their work. That is why they look for partners who can truly understand how their profession shapes their personality, their relationships with other people, and their life in general. Thus, our readers often wonder whether military members date civilians at all or only fellow members of the military who share their lifestyle, values, and worldview.

In this article, we will try to explain why military members do not only date civilians but actually prefer dating someone who is not a member of the military.

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Falling In Love Is Not Something You Plan Out

Virtually all people have an idea of what their perfect partner should be like. However, they can easily fall in love with someone who does not fit the description in the least. Therefore, even if some military members do believe that it is easier to find a good match among people in the same line of work, that does not mean that they completely rule out the possibility of dating a civilian.

It is important to understand that you do not choose whom you fall in love with. It just happens. Sparks fly, the chemistry is there, and you just know it is right. You do not think about that person in terms of his or her profession but see your potential partner as an individual whose personality, looks, and behavior appeal to you.  

All the best military dating sites are filled with civilians who are looking to date a military member. Many of these civilians quickly start dating men and women in uniforms they met online and these relationships often turn into successful marriages. Statistics are there to prove that military singles date civilians just as often as they date military people.

Relationships Are About Complementing Each Other

Another key reason why military-civilian relationships not only exist but may work perfectly is that people instinctively look for persons who complete them. That means that they look for people with whom they have a lot in common but who also have some qualities that are opposite to their own. That way, they can rely on their partners to provide the necessary balance in their relationships, which is the recipe for true harmony.

After all, doctors do not only date doctors and flight attendants do not only date flight attendants, so there is no reason for military members to be any different. After all, they are still just people and they cannot command their hearts to love or not love someone.

If you are a civilian looking to date a military member, be brave and do not let misconceptions or stereotypes stand in your way. Love has its own logic, but it always happens to those who want and deserve it, so go ahead and turn your dreams into reality.

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